Every routine has its violence

Work’s routine is alienation

Worker’s routine is work

Bosses’ routine is exploitation

At home the routine is to wake up early

On the streets, the routine is… fear.


Massacre is the routine of prisons

The routine of the State is the exception

Punishment is the routine of quarters

The routine of the businessman… is the cartel.


Shouting is a brave routine

Silence is a convenient routine

To all those whose routine is oppression

Whether in uniform or in cassock


Protesting is the routine of the decent

People who face genocide

To the Indians genocide is routine

In the favelas obituaries are routine

In the palaces something else is routine


Fiscal evasion is routine for the wealthy

Capital has the routine of disdain

The routine of those who say sustainable

Is to turn the Indians’ knowledge into profit


The routine of the police is vengeance

Struggle is the routine of changes

Media’s routine is cynicism

A playboy’s routine… is hygienism


Violence is routine for workers

Violence is routine for prisoners

Violence is routine when it’s convenient

Violence is the routine of disdain

Violence is routine for the military man

Cartel is the violence of businessmen


It’s not about braking bank agencies

All routine has its violence




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